6 Benefits of Becoming Vegan

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“If I have free will, why would I choose to be vegan and limit myself to only eating plants?” We have heard this many times from people who are not familiar with vegan living. However, in today’s vegan world, transitioning to a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be a sacrifice in any way and is the door to more gastronomic possibilities. It has also been proven and confirmed by many professional athletes that a plant-based diet can improve your athletic ability. Whether you’re just curious about how a vegan lifestyle looks like or is contemplating on making the switch, we want to share with you the benefits of becoming vegan.

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Your will feel better after adopting a vegan lifestyle

It’s always good to find your “why” when making any lifelong changes. Whether your intention of becoming vegan is because you want to do less harm to the planet, to other sentient beings, to your body, or all of the above, a part of you will feel better after adopting a vegan lifestyle because you know you are doing the right thing.

Of course, you need to choose the right food, so you don’t become a junk-food vegan. If you can’t go cold turkey, we recommend you to make your transition one step at a time. Begin with eliminating processed food and red meat. Choose whole food and increase plant-based ingredients in your daily meals. Pay attention to how your body feels after you eat.

Your body begins to feel lighter, your skin will also became healthier without applying any additional skincare products. You will also have more clarity in my mind – no more brain fog!

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You are saving lives one bite at a time

Animal farming is harmful to the environment and animals, and cage-free doesn’t mean anything when the final destination is slaughterhouses – not to mention that many lives are being terminated simply because they are not fit to produce. Did you know that newborn baby cows are being taken away from mama cows because the dairy industry wants to extract cow milk for profits?

All lives matter, and one of the benefits of becoming vegan is you will save many innocent lives, simply by changing what you put on your plate. Small act, huge impact!

You will become more conscious about your relationship with your surroundings, and that’ll change your relationship with everything, including yourself

Since adopting a vegan lifestyle will require you to become more aware of what you consume, you’ll become more mindful of what you choose to invest your energy (money + attention) in. Every cent we spend shapes the world we live in.

Everything is energy, and there’s a reason why Buddhism encourages a plant-based diet. Fruits and plants are high vibrational foods while animal flesh contains the fearful energy of the animals that are being killed. Another benefit of becoming vegan is that you will feel more peaceful in general. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is all about love. In other words, by excluding animal products & processed food in my diet and focusing on plants, you are choosing peace, love, and compassion.

You will learn to love yourself more

“Self-Love” isn’t just about pampering yourself with massage, bubble bath, and having “ME” time. It’s also NOT about indulging in comfort food when you are down. Self-love is about integrating discipline and caring about what you put into your body and be loyal to this temple you choose to have a human experience in – and that includes the body care products you use and the food you consume.

You will not be a burden to Mama Earth

Most of us already knew that by reducing our meat consumption, we are also reducing carbon emission. 80% of our soils are used for livestock. One of the benefits of becoming vegan is to save our earth from excessive reclamation. The animals human consume are all plant-based anyways, so why not just gain nutrition from plants directly?

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Vegan Food provides more nutritional benefits

Beans, vegetables, grains, and fruits often contain multiple nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies. A vegan diet is also lower in calories and cholesterol in comparison to consuming animal products. Also, do you realize that most of the meat dishes are actually all spiced with plants? Then why not just eat plants?

Living a vegan lifestyle isn’t limitation but expansion, and preparing a healthy, delicious vegan meal isn’t as complicated as you thought!

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La Viva Vegan

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