8 Hidden Beliefs Why Your Vegan Diet Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It.)

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Everyone becomes vegan for different reasons. Some stick it through decades and life, and some couldn’t make it past a few weeks (or few days!) No matter why you’re going vegan, the reasons why you feel like it’s a struggle is NOT because this diet doesn’t work for you but runs much deeperChanging a habit involves a switch in mindset and beliefs. If you intend to begin, most likely, you already believe that going vegan is “good.” However, the thoughts that run in the back of your head are why your vegan diet isn’t working. In this article, I am picking out the hidden thoughts and show you how you can change them.

Your thoughts and feelings have everything to do with what you are experiencing.

Our thoughts and feelings CREATE certain frequencies and energies, and to completely make the shift into the life you desire without falling back into your old habits, your focus is everything. Dealing with it from within is MORE effective in making everlasting change.

Below are the challenges you may be facing, the possible hidden beliefs why your vegan diet isn’t working, and how to fix it. In other words, Get In Alignment with who you envision yourself to be – that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are NOT contradictory with one or the other.  

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1. You can’t make it past a few weeks or even days because you THINK going vegan is hard (or making a change is hard.) 

This comes down to your fundamental beliefs about yourself. In another word, your vegan diet is no working has NOTHING to do with a vegan diet but YOUR self-concept because deep down, you don’t believe that making a change CAN be easy. Maybe throughout your life, people around you often say “it’s hard to make a change”, and you let that sank in. 

Yet, the truth is you make changes every day consciously OR unconsciously. You change your schools, your job, your friends … You Are Making Choices All The Time. Change is a natural process of life, and the only thing that doesn’t change IS change! 

In another word, change is a choice, and to make that choice, it requires your determination and focuses!


How To Fix It?

You are NOT used to something does NOT mean it is hard. It simply means you are not used to it. Start funneling your energy (thinking) to what it can be instead of the “difficulties you are having.” These are completely different frequencies.

Know that you CAN make a change easily. Know that living a vegan lifestyle is easy and effortless because You Are Powerful, and You Are IN CONTROL of your own behavior.


Leave us a comment if this is what you are encountering.


2. You find it hard to let go of certain ingredients because you THINK they cannot be replaced with plants. 

This is another common way of thinking and is usually one of the first roadblocks. Many find cheese and dairy difficult to replace and “believed” that vegan cheese is not real cheese (hence less tasty), or plant-based milk is not real milk (hence not as rich and healthy). However, THESE THOUGHTS ARE NOT TRUE.

You see, shifting mindset all comes down to our perception. To even perceive cow cheese or goat cheese as cheese, you have to perceive animals are food first. if one ceases to view animals as food and starts seeing them as living beings with emotions and love like humans, it becomes a no-brainer to CHOOSE PLANT-BASED MILK, and you will no longer call animal products “real food”. Your perception decides your reality.

Another misbelief is that cow milk has more protein and calcium, but that’s also NOT true. Plant-based milk such as almond milk, cashew milk, and soy milk has MORE protein than cow milk. The acidity in cow milk actually destroys your bone density, while vegan milk does not have that problem and is richer in calcium. 


How To Fix It? 

Do Your Research and become knowledgeable about the vegan diet! When you TRUST that a vegan diet is better for you, the animals, and the planet, in the long run, you will inevitably receive pieces of evidence that match your thoughts.

FOCUS on what serves you! And this leads to the next hidden belief …

vegan diet

3. Your health is failing or you feel less energetic because you THINK you can only get certain nutrients from meat and dairy.

I’ve heard many people say “I am vegan for the animals” or “I am vegan for the environment.” While all of these are legitimate reasons and are what I support as well, many have a hidden belief that’s equate to “my health is not my main concern.” While this thought in itself isn’t totally detrimental, it can potentially lead to your health problem in the future. 

Since “health is not your main concern”, you probably didn’t even do your homework about vegan nutrition. You might feel a lack of energy or nutrient deficiency because you have NO idea what’s good for your body. Subconsciously, you might still believe that a vegan diet is less nutritious than an omnivore diet. 

Or perhaps, due to your busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to cook for yourself, and all you buy are processed microwave food and snacks! Deep down, you KNOW that eating these foods is NOT great for you, but you continue to compromise yourself or give yourself leverage because “you are busy”.


How To Fix It?

The “ways” are usually NOT the issue. YOU ARE. Start BEING TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF. Ask yourself the following questions: “Are you suppressing the Little Voice of Guidance in your mind?”

Another thing is you need to start ASKING your body what it wants and KNOW that there’s ALWAYS a plant-based alternative. When you begin to do this, you will find yourself becoming more and more connected with your body’s wisdom instead of mindlessly shoving down random suggestions.

Also, Start learning about vegan nutrition and raise your awareness about eating a healthy, delicious vegan diet! 

And hey, if you are fully in alignment with the idea that “Whatever I put into my body nurtures me, and I am healthy”, then that works, too. But if that’s the case, you probably won’t be here reading this article. 


Leave us a comment if this is what you are encountering.



4. You can’t keep going because you THINK vegan food is just lettuce, tofu, and boiled beans, or you THINK you are incapable to cook.

I came across a great meme the other day. I don’t remember the exact words, but it’s basically saying that tofu and chicken are both tasteless when it’s not seasoned, but people would rather kill a chicken than finding different ways to cook tofu. 

My question for you is: “Do you see the vegan diet as restrictive rather than EXPANSIVE and CREATIVE?”

And if you never cooked before, know that no one knows what they are doing when they begin something new. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t taste good, and you try it again! STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF.


How To Fix It?

While fresh, quality ingredients contribute to tasty dishes, the real secret of good cooking lies in HOW you spice your dish up! KNOW that what makes a dish tasty is ALWAYS the spices and herbs, and eating a plant-based diet actually gives you the opportunity to be creative! 

Get yourself a cookbook that’s easy to follow that uses ingredients that are easy to find in your local groceries. Start with learning to veganize dishes that you loved pre-vegan like nachos or burger patties. Some are super easy to make!

Have confidence – You might surprise yourself.

Our cookbook is perfect for beginners and people who are ready to try something more advanced. It covers 150+ recipes of plant-based appetizers, mains, desserts, and breakfast. Use this link to save up to 83% and get secret bonuses! >> BUY NOW.

vegan diet vegan nachos
Vegan Nachos by Captain Coconuts - One of the restaurants that supplied us their recipes from Gili Air, ID.

5. You are losing hair, or you start having breakouts like never before, and you THINK it’s your vegan diet that’s causing the problem.

While your switch to a vegan diet might be the trigger, these issues don’t happen to everyone. Some people have clearer skin and even grow more hair! This means that a vegan diet is NOT the problem.

Eating a vegan diet requires you to be more conscious about what you put into your body, which might be something you weren’t used to. When you introduce foods that are different from what your body knew, it’s natural for it to have a reaction. In addition, animal products usually have a lot of animal hormones, and if you weren’t eating organic, then it’s even worse as the animal farming industry usually inject hormones to promote growth.

From an energetic perspective, since both hair and skin are our appearances, chances are you already feel like you can’t trust the process, and you feel like you need to control every aspect of life, you are afraid of failing (with anything), or you feel insecure about the choices you make.

How To Fix It?

I understand that telling you to NOT focus on your current situation could be difficult when that’s all you see, this is exactly what you need to do as the first step. Even if all you want to do now is finding some remedy to slap it on your skin or hair!

While a good natural remedy is certainly helpful, in order to NOT RECREATE the condition and just jumping from one product to another, Meditation can assist you to calm your mind and train you to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT.

As I mentioned at the beginning, our thoughts and feelings create frequencies that become energy and manifest into our physical reality, and our body is the most direct reflection of it.

Focus on your end -The you who ALREADY have healthy, glowing skin and hair. Know that your body is just going through a purging process. It’s ALREADY COMING BACK TO BALANCE – as you are eating WAY MORE naturally than you’ve ever been!



Leave us a comment if this is what you are encountering.

vegan diet

6. You can’t continue your vegan journey because your reason for following a vegan diet is because you want to lose weight, but you are actually depressed. 

These seem completely unrelated, but depression usually comes with feelings of unworthiness, stress, and not having a purpose. Sometimes, people who try a vegan diet as a means for the sole purpose of losing weight would fall under this category as they are not content and satisfied with their look or the digits on the scale. 

I usually don’t like to use the word “depressed” as depression is just “unconsciously allowing yourself to stay in an uncomfortable state of mind”, but for relevancy and convenience, I’ll use the word.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, if you are constantly THINKING about the weight you have to lose or else you won’t be loved, appreciated, or seen, then there’s definitely a deeper issue.

Vegan diet is not the issue here, your circumstantial beliefs are. 

Unfortunately, all these feelings contribute to a lack mindset, and lack always creates more lack. If you have these hidden beliefs about yourself and often have corresponding emotions lingering around, you may find sticking to a change difficult (refer to the first misbelief on the list).

When you are already dealing with all of the drama in your head, imposing another “restriction” can make things worse. 

How to fix it?

Instead of being goal-oriented, focus on “feeling better” first. This might not seem logical because you believed that you needed to have it first before you feel good. HOWEVER, that’s NOT the truth.

Entertain the thought of “what if I ALREADY have the body I dream of …?” And CAPTURE the feeling while doing so.

I know it could feel like a disappointment when you start observing the current reality again, but just keep repeating it, and KNOW that you’ll get there.

Take care of your mind body as your physical wellbeing IS a byproduct of your thoughts and feeling. Your mind isn’t just your brain BUT your entire body! Integrate self-love rituals into your daily life, say loving words, and give gratitude to each part of your body. 

Also, spend time to meditate and connect with your heart. Know that you are so loved by the Universe! You are whole and complete! 

Our vegan cookbook + self-love package shows you precisely how to do this … Use this link now to change your life.

7. Your family and friends are unsupportive of your decision to go vegan, you THINK you are alone.

This can be a tough one, especially if people who are closest to you don’t trust or believe in your choice, and maybe even worse … they make fun of you. But going vegan is NOT the cause. Most likely these situations already exist. You were just bypassing/ignoring it before. Now you made a major change in life, what was buried before began to surface.

You might be a pushover, and you never speak up for yourself, or you already feel that some people in your life are always rooting against you and always disrespect you. Maybe You feel like you always need to convince other people about your choices, and you feel like you need to “fight” for it. Maybe you don’t even trust yourself.

Or you might feel like you need to preach to them because “They are wrong. You are right”, and in the process, you pushed them away.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but if you get this far in this article, you ALREADY see how our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. And unfortunately, the people around you are behaving this way is because you assumed that role for them.

This is NOT blaming you BUT to show you that YOU actually have ALL THE POWER to CHANGE YOUR REALITY.


How To Fix It?

If becoming a vegan means a lot to you, and you DO believe and trust this is the right path, STICK WITH IT, and KNOW that eventually people WILL come around and see how you see it WITHOUT you struggling.

This is a demonstration of TRUST and LOVE – Trusting your own choice, and trusting that aspect of others exist. Loving yourself for who you are, and loving others by allowing them to have their own realizations, and KNOW that they will come around.

Your KNOWING trumps all.

All you need to do is continue to be an example and FOCUS on the positive aspects that your vegan diet does for you. Whether that’s Feeling Happy about not contributing to animal suffering anymore, or your body simply Feels Better without animal products.

The feeling is the secret. When you are solid in your vibe, you will attract your tribe, and people around you WILL be inspired!


Leave us a comment if this is what you are encountering.

vegan diet

8. My choices are very limited, and I BELIEVE there are no vegan options in my town when I want to eat out.

I get it. It’s nice to eat out every now and then, and it’s frustrating when the restaurants don’t have any vegan options. However, WHY are you letting this become a circumstance of why you cannot stay vegan?

Also, this comes down to your perspective about what’s vegan. Do you need the restaurant to specify “vegan” on the menu for you? (Laziness).

Do you feel like you are a burden if you are “too demanding”, and you’d rather sacrifice what you believe is good to accommodate your circumstance? (Lack of confidence).

How To Fix It?

Let’s just entertain this thought first … “What if your local restaurants ALREADY serve amazing vegan options? How would you feel?”

Probably happiness and satisfaction! And you would feel like this is precisely what you want to have … And feeling grateful. Now, even if this may feel like wishful thinking at the beginning, persist in your knowing that this IS happening. It’s already happened.

The Next Step is for YOU to feel natural in requesting vegan options at restaurants if you don’t see it on the menu. As the vegan population rises (especially in the last year), it’s completely normal and rightful to ask! Help the restaurants TO SEE what dishes they can veganize already on their existing menu, that it’s NOT extra effort for them to accommodate vegans!

Stay truthful to yourself and speak up. You are more influential than you think – It’s time to BE the change you wish to see!

**Leave us a comment if you are running into the above issues – We’d love to give you some personal support!**

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