La Viva Vegan is here to connect you to online courses & physical & digital offerings that will assist you to step deeper into your journey and transform, elevate your life with-in and with-out.

Our world is rapidly shifting, and The New World is the age of information. We believe that it’s time for people to have access to the crucial puzzles to adapt to the fast change. 

Whether you want to change your diet and lifestyle or go deeper to become the Highest Version of Yourself, it’s our goal to link you to the best resources available.

And because we believe that building a community and connecting with our inner guidance is the most crucial to navigate the turbulence we meet in today’s world … 

From vegan cookbooks, cruelty-free body care products to online cooking courses; from breathwork & essential oil workshops, yoga retreat, discover your Goddess within and meditation … 

We promise to connect you to the most potent medicines we vouched for, so you have the opportunity to experience the magic that has transcended many people’s lives for yourself!



From connecting people to the most delicious cuisines to building a heart-centered vegan community and boutique body-care line in Ubud, Bali ... La Viva Vegan is a HUB where we conjure all the connections and knowledge we accumulate over decades.

Vegan, eco-conscious, nature, wellness, Bali, meditation, delicious food, community, love, inner work, energy, vibration, and endless expansion … This Is Us: A Team of Two met in Bali, ready to show you and connect you to the ways that will assist you to embody your highest self.

And let’s talk about Bali. Many know about Bali as a vacation destination with well-preserved traditions and ceremonies. But many do not know that Bali is also known as “The Island Of Gods”. The island’s location is a sacred energetic point on the Ley Line of Mother Earth. The energy of its heart chakra, Ubud naturally attracts those who seek to heal and change, who are eager to leave the old behind and embody their new-selves. (The famous Eat, Pray Love!)

However, Ubud isn’t only a place for those who seek to heal. The name “Ubud” literally means “medicine” in Balinese. Therefore, it is also an incubator for yogis, healers, and spiritual warriors. Lightworkers who are ready to serve come from all over the world come to Ubud to transcend and create their medicine, offer their alchemy and guidance to those in need.

That said, having lived in this magical place for 8 years, we naturally built many heartfelt connections. And we KNOW that it’s time for the world to receive these beautiful transformational magic on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

We would love to connect you to your medicine – whenever you are ready.

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Tim Tango: the author of Bali Vegan Book, space holder of Villa Mantra Bali, and Creator of Sukime Bali

Tim has always been a discerning foodie with an emphasis on physical and spiritual well-being. In this lifetime, Tim is a former restaurant owner (He has two award-winning restaurants under his belt!) 

From meat and red wine lover to 15-year vegan, His mission is to assist those who wish to thrive in their physical bodies to transition into a healthy, mindful vegan lifestyle. Tim has shared his journey in the Bali Vegan Book. 

Tim has established a vegan community that focuses on mindful eating, yoga, breathwork, and meditation for self-love and heart healing. You can find Tim at his high vibe, alcohol & smoke-free vegan villa in Ubud Bali. 

Everything we put in & on our bodies is a statement of what we are made of and create the world we live in.

Book a Stay with us and enjoy your vegan holiday.

Villa Mantra Studio is our shared vegan villa for yogis & spiritual warriors in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

It is a high vibe, plant-based revolving community that’s 100% alcohol & smoke free with Yoga classes 5-days-a-week included – A safe container for those who is ready for the next level of loving life!