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150+ secret recipes shared by professional vegan chefs

Available to the public for the first time ever!

We collected 150+ secret recipes with international flavors that are prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 of the best restaurants in Bali. 

Whether it’s smoothies & juices, breakfast, small plates, main dishes or desserts, the recipes are easy to follow and are unique – something you’ve never seen in other vegan cookbooks.

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

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Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

"This cookbook is BY FAR the best Vegan cookbook I’ve ever seen."

"We probably have like 10 or so other cookbooks in our house that we’ve used over the years and have many to compare with. The presentation is absolutely beautiful and it really showcases foods in an extravagantly culinary manner. I feel like if this food was served at a high end restaurant in our town it would absolutely kill the competition."
Ryan H.

"Bali is that perfect vegan destination that you’ve always dreamed of."

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Bali possibly has the highest density for all-vegan restaurants in Asia if not the world. The location of Bali on the planet was recognized many years ago as having a special energy, and the Balinese people offer hand-crafted blessings to the God’s every single day. 

Therefore, “The Island of Gods” was pre-destined to become famous for those seeking to heal themselves, and naturally, the island attracted people who are in alignment with veganism.


This is not your grandmother's salad

Whether you’re going vegan for health, for the environment, or for animals, our cookbook provides nutritious plant-based recipes that doesn’t sacrifice discerning tastes.

Impress your FRIENDS & FAMILY

Our easy-to-follow recipes are creative and delicious – It’s perfect for those who hope to show their family and friends that adapting a vegan diet means opening up to a world of limitless possibilities. 


We don’t only focus on making mouthwatering plant-based dishes but also the mental and physical health aspects that come with being vegan – You will find helpful quotes and nutritional benefits about leading a vegan lifestyle in the book. 

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This 28-page Vegan Starter Kit includes essential information about veganism that helps you to transform your mindset to fully embody a compassionate and well-informed vegan lifestyle.

In addition, the Starter Kit also includes important nutritional facts on adapting a healthy vegan diet, as well as 13 bonus vegan recipes that will assist you to embrace this way of living more effortlessly.

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Our Dairy & Egg-Free Baking Guide is a great addition for those who got a sweet-tooth and would love to learn how to make delicious cake and sweets with easy plant-based replacements.

The guide provides you knowledge of WHY it’s healthier to go dairy and egg free, as well as the basics on WHAT ingredients you can use to substitute egg and dairy and HOW to use them to create guilt-free desserts! Learn how to turn any dessert recipe into a delicious vegan treat! 

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Each eBook purchase allows 3 downloads – So you’ll be able to have a copy on your phone, tablet and computer!

We use ePub format, which is compatible to all devices including all Macs, PCs, iOS & Androids (except Amazon Kindle.)

For PC and Android users, please download apps / softwares before you open the file. Check here for recommendation.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie in the kitchen or new to veganism – One of our goals is to show you going vegan is uncomplicated! The recipes are easy to follow, and we also display measures in both metric and imperial systems.

No – Although we do have a few local flavored dishes and some may be Bali inspired, the taste of our dishes are international.

Yes! You should be able to find all ingredients in your local grocery stores. The ingredients can be easily substituted as well. Remember, cooking is an art, not a science. Be creative!

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

non-processed, whole food ingredients

From vegan cheese to yummy sauces, we include recipes for EVERYTHING you need to create delicious, nutritional dishes. 

"Your book is amazing!!"

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