Bali Vegan Cookbook & Restaurant Guide (Softcover)

150+ vegan recipes prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 restaurant in Bali

  • Personalized message & signed softcover + Bali Temple Bracelet.
  • 200 pages of plant-based inspiration, health benefits and guidance.
  • International flavors covering Juices & smoothies, appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.
  • Perfect for those who wish to nourish, impress, delight or surprise their friends and family.
  • A keepsake for anyone who’s visited Bali and a gastronomic trip inspiration for those who haven’t.
  • Ingredient unit shown in both the metric system and the US measures.
  • Stunning photographs of every recipe, as well as Bali sceneries. 


Book Preview

Bali Vegan Cookbook & Restaurant Guide is A BOOK OF LOVE! Curated and edited by Tim Tango, a former owner of award-winning restaurants and vegan for over a decade.

This vegan cookbook is here to inspire and guide you through your vegan journey. Whether you are a vegan beginner or already living the lifestyle, the book will show you the joy of eating and living a nourished life using a whole-food plant-based diet as a foundation for chronic health and wellness.

It’s okay if you’re not vegan, THIS BOOK IS NOT ONLY FOR VEGANS, but also for culinary enthusiasts! The cookbook will give you a glimpse of what is possible when using a little imagination and creativity during your meal preparations. Get inspired and get cooking!


No one likes to pay for shipping so we want to give you a little extra love & appreciation! Let Tim write a personal message inside your book, just tell us who it’s for and what you would like to say.

Important Notes

  • Love is the most important ingredient.
  • Cooking is an art not a science, don’t feel you have to follow every detail in these recipes. Quantities are estimates, playing with them is fun and encouraged.
  • If you don’t have an ingredient, delete it or improvise. If you don’t have enough of one thing, it’s okay to add something else.
  • These recipes are here to inspire & guide you, it is not an exam. When made from the heart you cannot fail (but if it really doesn’t taste great, add more salt).
  • We recommend you to purchase locally grown organic produce when available. There’s a special energy that gets transferred into the plant when it is seeded and harvested by human hands.
  • Eat less, live longer!