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This vegan cooking bundle is a video-based online program by Kim from My Brownble shows you step-by step how to navigate a vegan lifestyle and cooking foods you absolutely love! The program contains ever-growing library of cooking videos in the form of recipes, tips, batch cooking sessions and more, while also giving you support on your vegan journey, no matter where you are along the way, so food goes back to being simple, fun and delicious.

  • The online Vegan Cooking + Lifestyle Program ($199 value)
    • 400+ videos & New contents every week!
  • The Roadmap Online Course ($97 value)
    • 180+ lessons & 40 step by step recipes
  • Breakfast & Brunch Classics (Free Course)
    • Tons of Recipes & Downloadable Goodies
$296.00 $246.00
The Roadmap is an online course designed to teach you how to go vegan or make more vegan choices in a way that is delicious, simple, and that allows you to find your very own sweet spot when switching to a vegan diet. All through an approach that is respectful of your very own journey, that allows for flexibility, missteps, and that focuses on the long road ahead. We cover everything from the basics of vegan nutrition, shopping, planning, cooking, how to eat out as a vegan, navigating the social aspects of being vegan, raising vegan kids and teens, going through different life stages as a vegan, delicious menu ideas, recipes and so much more. One Time Payment
  • Lifetime acces to The Roadmap
  • 21+ Modules
  • 180+ Lessons
  • Lifetime access to the Breakfast & Brunch Classics course
  • 7 Day 100% money back guarantee
As women, we are powerful portals of creation, inspiration and devotion. It’s time to embody our Divine Feminine essence and create the reality we know inside our hearts, out into the world. Radiating our highest frequency is the deepest act of self-love and soul mission I know. Join Layla Aluna and a global sisterhood of Divine Women in this 7 week self-paced online course through the chakras – lovingly created to support you to embody the Golden Age within yourself, your immediate loved ones and your wider community. This course includes transformative activations, meditations and embodiment practices that are designed to shift and elevate your energy in the most potent way. Some examples of what we do includes connecting with our Shakti fountain, Womb activations, Ecstatic dance, Orgasmic breath work, Sound alchemy, Reconnecting with your Soul Star and Stepping into your Queendom.
$444.00 $333.00
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