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What's special about vegan recipes from Bali?

We collected 150+ RECIPES from TOP-NOTCH restaurants in Bali that serve unique plant-based dishes.

Bali is a popular vacation destination in Indonesia that has a DIVERSE expatriate community with RICH local culture and splendid nature …

It’s possibly one of the places in the world that has the HIGHEST DENSITY FOR ALL-VEGAN RESTAURANTS.

AMAZING CHEFS from ALL AROUND THE WORLD congregate in Bali to serve the community and to EXPAND their culinary creativity with what Mama Bali has to offer. 

A place is shaped by its people...

And we just want to give you a few more ideas about Bali …

Bali is that perfect vegan destination that you've always dreamed of.


The Island is an energy vortex that is also the location of the Earth’s Kundalini energy.

This energetic center is thought to purify the blood of the Earth, and in reflection … Many people are attracted to come to Bali to cleanse & rejuvenate our own soul and bodies. (Remember Eat, Pray, Love?)

That being said, “The Island of Gods” was predestined to become famous for those seeking to heal themselves, and naturally, it attracted people who are in alignment with veganismwhich is a powerful practice that supports healing.

how does living a vibrant vegan lifestyle look like?

From: Tim Tango

Bali, Indonesia

Let me know if this is why you are going vegan (or being vegan…!)

As human beings, we WANT to have good health for ourselves and for those around us. 

We also want to end animal sufferings. We want to fix the damage we’ve done to the environment.

We look for different ways that can help us and others to LIVE better and FEEL better.

And sometimes, we are afraid to take the first step because eating vegan seem expensive…


We begin our vegan journey with searching for vegan recipes online … (because it’s free.)

We follow social media accounts that promote a plant-based lifestyle to get some clues…

We join multiple online groups asking for recommendations and advice, or we participate in “vegan challenges” but have a hard time to keep up…


We hope that by *giving up* meat, eggs, and dairy, our health and our world will become better.

Unfortunately, the path is harder than you think, and you feel like you might give up any minute.

Is this what you are experiencing right now? Is this why you are here now?

You have great intentions, but you don’t know HOW to live a vegan lifestyle IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY …

Or maybe your story is a bit different. 

You are SO in love with being vegan, BUT your energy level went down after going plant-based. You don’t know if you are *eating right*.

Or, you are very familiar with cooking yummy, nourishing vegan foodYou own MANY cookbooks, but many include processed products in the recipes. 

Your family is getting tired of eating the same stuff. YOU are getting bored with your cooking. 

You are READY for new inspiration to impress your friends and family.

You WANT something different, Something FUN.

Here’s your ONE-STOP-SHOP… 

A PACKAGE that includes *All Kinds* of flavorfuldelicioussimple-to-follow recipes while offering crucial knowledge & guidance on HOW to live an EFFORTLESS and NOURISHING vegan lifestyle.

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

👉 Digital Package Pricing at $17/$27/$37 USD


My name is Tim Tango, and I am the author of the Bali Vegan Book. It’s The FIRST VEGAN COOKBOOK & GUIDE to 150+ international recipes from 60 restaurants in BALI, the Vegan Heaven On Earth.

I worked with dozens of chefs, consulted, and built relationships with restaurants that serve *delicious* plant-based dishes since I moved to Bali in 2012.

However, my culinary journey and my embodiment of vegan living began long before my relocation …

My enthusiasm for delicious food began in a restaurant’s kitchen during college. After I graduated, I sailed my small boat around the Caribbeans working at various restaurants (that was in the 90s!)

Eventually, I traded in my sailboat and became a cafe owner & cook in the Virgin Islands. A few years later, I moved on to create TWO award-winning restaurants in Savannah, GA.

Back then, vegan wasn’t a thing yet, and eating organic just came into my awareness. My restaurants were serving alcohol, equatorial cuisine, and farm-to-table meat!

Yet, my life took a huge turn when my father was diagnosed with ALS in 2003.

SEVENTEEN years ago, my father called me and said he drank a six-pack of beer (he didn’t drink!) and that he had only THREE more years to live.⁣

For those who don’t know what ALS is – ALS is a disease affecting motor neurons of the spinal cord, which causes progressive weakness and atrophy of muscles.⁣


We were both devastated. At that time, there was no protocol, no medicine, and not much hope for a cure.⁣

After numerous doctor visits and research, my dad MADE A DECISION to Take Control of this himself. That decision helped him to live almost TWICE AS LONG as the doctor expected. 

My father and I when I was 15

He ELIMINATED MEAT FROM HIS DIET in order to Boost His Immune System.

Even though I was running my restaurants for carnivores, I didn’t want my dad to feel alone in this battle. 

I joined him in solidarity and soon started reading more and more to understand the relationship between the food we eat & our physical health.

I eventually sold my restaurants and became FULLY COMMITTED to this new plant-based lifestyle. I evolved from pescatarian (fish & vegetables only), vegetarian to vegan.

And the thing about becoming fully vegan is …

You become acutely aware of what your body needs and *especially* what it DOESN’T need.

I couldn’t deny what MY body was telling me – Aside from STOPPING ALL ANIMAL PRODUCT CONSUMPTION, I realized my body DID NOT appreciate the alcohol I was consuming.

I also threw out ALL household & body care products that contain chemicals, as well as ALL processed foods in my pantry. 

I never looked back.

My greater awareness about the connection between the Divine AND the love & compassion for ALL animals came when I took up meditation in 2012 while experiencing the spiritual magic of Bali.

Now, I’ve gained a deeper understanding that …

To live an Effortless, Nourishing Vegan Lifestyle WITHOUT looking back or giving up, we need to realize that it is REALLY an “INSIDE JOB.”

I CHANGED MY VIEW on eating – Before it was mostly for pleasure. Now, I focus on love and compassion while NOT sacrificing the taste!  

I became passionate about helping others making their vegan lifestyle transition, so Villa Mantra Bali ( was born. It’s An alcohol & smoke-free vegan villa that offers daily yoga classes and long/short-term accommodation for those who wish to soul search and explore vegan living.

Mural 2019

I also created a boutique vegan body-care line ( that offers 100% cruelty & chemical-free products. 

AND my mission to help others transition and STAY a happy, healthy life-long vegan continue to grow…

That’s where we are right now. It’s where YOU are right now.

Through every bite we take and every penny we spend, we are saving the planet and lives, including our own.

And this is why I am *passing these secrets* on to you in our  🌱 Bali Vegan Book Self-Love Package 🌱 

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes


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👉 Digital Package Pricing at $17/$27/$37 USD

Bali Vegan Book is nOT just about taste or convenience...

This vegan cookbook package is a GUIDE that shows you HOW to transform your vegan lifestyle on ALL ASPECTS that will bring EVERLASTING CHANGE

p.s. I also include vegan quotes in the book that will INSPIRE you to BE the change you WANT to see in the world…!

A collection of 150+ delicious and easy-to-follow vegan recipes


We focus on whole food ingredients, showing you how to make EVERYTHING from scratch on a budget.

Cook & Learn

Every recipe has a matching image while sharing important nutritional facts on almost every ingredient.

Unique Dishes

Secret vegan recipes from dozens of professional chefs, including their customers' favorites!!

You don't need to sacrifice the taste eating vegan, and You never have to give up cheese, ice cream, pizza or chocolate!

By using the recipes in the Bali Vegan Book, you’ll realize how much money you can SAVE while learning how to make the foods you love (with BETTER ingredients!) 

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

👉 Digital Package Pricing at $17/$27/$37 USD


Eating a plant-based diet should NOT be expensive.

I’ve been in your shoes and been through it all…when there were NO quality vegan options everywhere you go.

Today, there are countless vegan food products in the market for you to test drive. It’s convenient. HOWEVER, these processed products often come with *chemicals* that is NOT great for your body in the long run. 

Besides, the *expenses* ADD UP, and there is Way Too Much Packaging that’s NOT amazing for the planet.

Eating a plant-based diet should be AFFORDABLE & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY!

I am a MINDFUL EATING ACTIVIST, and that means I PROMOTE healthy eating habits.

That does NOT mean that you need to give up the food you love.

It *just* means you consciously CHOOSE ingredients that SERVE YOUR BODY!

You get to use plant-based whole food ingredients to replace meat, eggs, and dairy – It means LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. 

It means you will start to look forward to your NEXT MEAL!

Bali Vegan Book will EXPAND your *imagination* and show you how creative & nourishing a plant-based diet can be.

nutritious meals using plant-based whole-food ingredients ONLY

eating vegan Is More Affordable than having meat in your diet

quality Recipes from Professional Chefs that people already LOVE

The world is quickly awakening to the benefits of veganism. 

A whole-food, plant-based diet is good for your health: Your physical health, your mental health, and your spiritual health. 

Our recipes need ONLY fresh produce, nuts, herbs, and spices.


First, Remember - Cooking is more art than science!

Feel free to change the ingredient. GET CREATIVE! Swap it or just skip it altogether! 

Bali Vegan Book is NOT here to test your culinary skill BUT to *inspire* you to Become Your Own MASTER of living a joyful vegan life

Your kitchen IS your culinary canvas!

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

make a change today!

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👉 Digital Package Pricing at $17/$27/$37 USD

Eating a vegan diet could be the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the earth, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 73%.

University of Oxford

Going vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty. By refusing to pay for animal products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are bred to suffer and die in slaughter houses.

What Are Others Saying About Bali Vegan Book?

"The most incredible vegan cookbook that's gonna get you on the right track to master your own body, master your own self... With these recipes, you are in for a treat!"
- Alexandre Tsuk

Founder of & BGreener

"Bali is like vegan paradise...These recipes here are just so easy to make! It's a wonderful guidebook to your new chapter in life, for this vegan lifestyle!"
- Špela Urbanc

Heart Expansion Photography, Reiki Master & 8+ years vegan

"One recommendation that's very close to my heart ... You'll find in this book - put together by Tim Tango, who has traveled the island to figure out what is there for you to find the best, most comprehensive, practical tips, how to get a healthy diet, and how to live the best life possible."
- Violetta Labella

Intimacy coach, fascia and tantra therapist, and founder of Yoni Egg Rocks ® at

bali vegan book is not another cookbook on your shelf.

Why wait when you can DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY to your devices today?

Our eBook uses the ePub format, so we can offer you the best viewing experience possible. It’s easy to navigate with thumbnails and a CLICKABLE table of content! 

And you can BOOKMARK your favorite recipes, too! 

Check out the video below to see it for yourself!

inside of this NEW vegan cookbook & guide, you will discover 150+ professional chefs' secrets at YOUR PRICE! (save up to $86.70)

Below are just a few KEY BENEFITS you will receive from this package…

here are more reviews from people who've been enjoying the cookbook already!

Ryan Review
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Bali Vegan Book Review
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yes, you cHOOSE YOUR PRICE. There's no catch ... AND YES, you SAVE Up To $86.70 iNSTANTLY!

We made the BALI VEGAN BOOK available digitally, so you can have it on ALL YOUR DEVICES, and you don’t have to visit Bali to get access to these amazing recipes!

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

claim your cookbook now and get these bonuses!

 I’ve included FIVE BONUS GUIDE BOOKS that will be beneficial to your goal of living an effortless, nourishing, and delicious vegan lifestyle.  


bonus #1 - The Ultimate whole food shopping list

"How to shop for grocery as a vegan and get food you can tRUST!"

Total Value: $7.95


To kick start your journey and make things EASY for you even BEFORE you try out the recipes…

When you get your copy of my Bali Vegan Book, I’m going to give you this comprehensive PDF that includes 4 pages of printable whole-food, organic, non-GMO grocery checklist – It includes 200+ items that are in your local grocery store, as well as meal tips & a beautiful meal planning worksheet.

Get this for FREE when you order your Bali Vegan Book Today!

bonus #2 - juicing for vitality

"How to apply juicing to your diet and nOT waste the nutrients in the fruits and veggies!"

Total Value: $21.95


The next bonus is a 93 pages PDF solely on JUICING. Juicing is such a powerful tool to rebalance your body – I’ve done ALL kinds of juice fast. The longest one I’ve done was 21 days!

From anti-aging, energy boosters, detox for gut health & kidney cleanses… I recommend everyone who want to RESET their body to learn more about how juicing can revive their bodies and APPLY it to their life.

This book also tells you the differences between store-bought juices and homemade juices. You also get MANY juicing recipes that target different aspects of your health you want to improve!

Get this for FREE when you order your Bali Vegan Book Today!

bonus #3 - hindu yoga breathing

"how to use breath-work to tRANSFORM your every day habits for the better!"

Total Value: $12.95


The next bonus is a 69 pages in-depth book (PDF) by Yogi Ramacharaka (aka. William Walker Atkinson) on HOW breathing IS the most important of all of the functions of the body, as all lives will cease to exist without breathing.

Breathwork is a powerful form of meditation that I’ve adopted since I moved to Bali 8 years ago. It has CHANGED MY LIFE in a positive way both mentally AND physically.

The book explains how humans are largely dependent upon correct habits of breathing for continued vitality and freedom from disease through scienceas well as offering ALL different types of breathing exercises you can put to practice. 

Get this for FREE when you order your Bali Vegan Book Today!

bonus #4 - the power of self-discipline

"how to take control of your life to create sUCCESSFUL, EVERLASTING lifestyle change!"

Total Value: $17.95


This 32 pages PDF bonus PLUS mind map and cheatsheet showing you HOW to build a solid foundation to success through self-discipline.

Whether you are new to vegan living or want to fine-tune your current lifestyle, self-discipline is ESSENTIAL, and understand how to implement it in as a everyday practice will drastically change your life!

The PDF includes 7 key techniques and other steps you can take to help you anchor in your preferable new way of living!

Get this for FREE when you order your Bali Vegan Book Today!

bonus #5 - the self-love handbook

"how to NOT get discouraged when others aren't supportive or challenge your decision of going vegan!"

Total Value: $17.95


The last is a 60 pages PDF PLUS mind map, self-love checklist AND Extra Resource on HOW to love yourself (it’s not just bubble bath and massage!) and generate good feeling FROM WITHIN that you NO LONGER need approvals from others. 

You may wonder WHY self-love has anything to do with how “other” people aren’t supportive

This handbook will show you HOW you can make a choice unapologetically, as well as transforming your relationships with other people WITHOUT sacrificing YOU!

Get this for FREE when you order your Bali Vegan Book Today!

I know what you are thinking…

I don’t know if living a nourishing, effortless, and delicious vegan lifestyle is possible (Or I don’t know if I need to buy another cookbook. Going vegan still sounds expensive.)

And that’s precisely WHY you need to get your Bali Vegan Book.

If you are satisfied with your current lifestyle or your existing cookbook inventory, you WON’T need this book. BUT, like I mentioned before, Bali Vegan Book is NOT just another cookbook.

This cookbook inspires people who’ve been vegan for a while, AND it’s a good starter for those who just began their journey.

It covers healthy smoothies and juices, variety of breakfast ideas, small plates you can bring to your next potluck, entrees that can satisfy your family, as well as desserts that will replenish your soul.

I included nutritional facts of almost every primary ingredients, inspirational quotes, and other supporting materials FOR FREE to help you transition OR reinvent your vegan lifestyle INSIDE OUT. 

If you are not sure whether living a vegan lifestyle will be expensive?

The cookbook includes 150+ recipes and shows you HOW to make 95% of the things you need from scratch (meaning plant-based whole food ingredients.)

We focus on whole-food, plant-based ingredients. That means you SAVE yourself from buying costly vegan processed products, as well as future doctor visits.

These recipes do NOT just tell you “you need vegan mayo” – It actually shows you HOW TO MAKE the vegan mayo, or vegan cream cheese, or… You catch my drift?

If you can’t find certain ingredients, they are easy to replace.

This eBook is ONLY available on THIS PAGE. 

We have physical copies available, too – but it does NOT come with the supporting material (plus the shipping can cost MORE than the book itself … YIKES!)

7 e1603691868137

Give Your Body & Soul a Lift with our FIVE Awesome Bonuses!

5 special bonuses

You get the complete Bali Vegan Book PLUS bonuses (worth $103.70) for ONLY $24.95 - That is less than dinner for two on your night out.

effortless transition

Making big life changes takes action! I want to help give you more tools needed to be successful in this life goal.

The best investment

After tasting the first recipe from our vegan cookbook, you will be happy with the decision to invest in the Vegan Cooking Bundle.

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

Total retail value


$17/$27/$37 USD

See what health and culinary professionals say!

Why am I letting you choose your price? (This is a limited time offer, btw.)

I really want to give you these IMPORTANT tools that have helped and supported me to make this lifestyle sustainable.

I know that we all want to experience wellness and love, and I DO NOT want anything holding you back from learning and experiencing a vegan lifestyle in the most effortless, affordable way possible.

And there are a few other reasons:

  • I am tired of seeing other cookbooks recommending multiple processed products in a single recipe. (Yeah, I know it’s convenient, but it’s NOT sustainable both health AND budget-wise!!)
  • I am NOT just selling you this cookbook BUT actually care about your vegan journey in the LONG RUN.


  • I DISLIKE seeing people paying so much for their medical bills when there’s A WAY to externalize our well being INSIDE OUT!

Time is of essence... I really don't know how long this deal will last!

As long as this page is here, you have access to this deal, but I reserve the right to pull it down anytime.

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

By ordering Bali Vegan Book today, you get the complete recipes
bonus materials (FREE) at the PRICE OF YOUR CHOICE!

bonus #1

200+ ultimate whole food shopping list PDF

bonus #2

juicing for vitality ebook

bonus #3

self-discipline mastery ebook

bonus #4

hindu yoga breathing ebook

bonus #5

the self-love handbook ebook

I just KNOW that you are going to LOVE this cookbook & transformational package.

If you don’t like it, we offer 14-day money back guarantee! 

Total retail value



Frequently asked questions

Each eBook purchase allows 3 downloads – So you’ll be able to have a copy on your phone, tablet and computer!

We use ePub format, which is compatible to all devices including all Macs, PCs, iOS & Androids (except Amazon Kindle.)

For PC and Android users, please download apps / softwares before you open the file. Check here for recommendation.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie in the kitchen or new to veganism – One of our goals is to show you going vegan is uncomplicated! The recipes are easy to follow, and we also display measures in both metric and imperial systems.

No – Although we do have a few local flavored dishes and some may be Bali inspired, the taste of our dishes are international.

Yes! You should be able to find all ingredients in your local grocery stores. The ingredients can be easily substituted as well. Remember, cooking is an art, not a science. Be creative!

Bali Vegan Book

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The Bali Vegan Book is a collection of 150+ secret vegan recipes, appealing to various kind of tastes and collected from professional vegan chefs from 60 of the best restaurants in Bali The Vegan Heaven On Earth!

plus fIVE bonuses FOR FREE ($78.75 value):

Total retail value = $103.70

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