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A complete vegan cookbook package

That leads you to a delicious, nourishing & effortless plant-based lifestyle

A collection of 150+ delicious and easy to make plant-based recipes.

Save Money

We focus on whole food ingredients, showing you how to make EVERYTHING from scratch on a budget.

easy to follow

Every recipe has a matching photo while sharing important nutritional facts on plant-based eating.

Unique, delicious recipes

Professional chefs from 60 restaurants introducing cruelty-free, secret vegan recipes for the first time ever.

You never have to give up cheese, ice cream, pizza or chocolate!

Save money while learning how to make the foods you love! 

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Tim Chocolate

Tim Tango

Why YOU Should Try Bali Vegan Book!

nourishing whole-food, plant-based meals

I promote healthy eating habits - That means NO processed food, NO canned food, NO frozen dinners in our recipes.

Not only it will save you money, but also give you a healthy body!

eating vegan shouldn't be expensive

By following these recipes, you learn how to not break your wallet being vegan WITHOUT giving up food you love!


150+ Chef quality dishes from 60 restaurants

My aim is to inspire you and show you the limitless possibilities and how creative, nourishing a plant-based diet can be.

These recipes taste great and are easy to prepare.

The world is quickly awakening to the benefits of veganism. 

A whole food, plant-based diet is good for your health: Your physical health, your mental health and very possibly your spiritual health as well. 

It’s less harmful to the environment and less cruel to animals. 

Eating a vegan diet could be the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the earth, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 73%.

University of Oxford

Going vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty. By refusing to pay for animal products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are bred to suffer and die in slaughter houses.

Cooking is more art than science!

Most of the recipes need ONLY fresh produce, nuts, herbs and spices. But what if you're missing something?

No problem, simply improvise! Swap it for a different ingredient, or just skip it altogether!

Don't like a particular ingredient?

Change it and see how the food tastes. GET CREATIVE! Your kitchen IS your culinary canvas!

Now I bet THAT is something you've NEVER SEEN in a vegan cookbook.

But this is not just about taste or convenience. 

The vegan recipes I’ve compiled into this book will really satisfy your appetite, open you up to new tastes and cultures, and they ALL have a very, very low ecological impact.

See What Others Are Saying About the Book!

Yes they are my friends, but they are honest!

A Sneak Peek of the Book

Below is a small preview of the recipes that you will find in the Bali Vegan Book. 

Look through them, and see for yourself how easy it is to use this ebook with clickable table of contents.

What are the key benefits of this book?

NOW - this amazing cookbook is available to all

You don’t have to visit Bali to get access to these amazing recipes!

Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

About Tim Tango

My culinary journey started in the kitchen during college.

I sailed my small boat around the Caribbean in the 90’s working at various restaurants. Eventually, I traded in my sailboat for a cafe in the Virgin Islands.

A few years later, I moved on to create 2 award-winning restaurants in Savannah, GA.

And finally, divine intervention brought me to Bali via Paris.

In 2003, my father was diagnosed with ALS.

And one of the first decisions he took was to eliminate meat from his diet in order to boost his immune system.

I followed him out of solidarity even though I was running my restaurants for carnivores! 

Eventually, I sold them and became fully committed to this new plant-based lifestyle.

I evolved from pescatarian (fish & vegetables only), vegetarian to vegan.

After a few years of being fully vegan, I became acutely aware of what my body really needed and especially what it didn’t need.

My biggest epiphany came when I realized my body DID NOT appreciate the alcohol I was consuming.

I enjoyed the pleasures of drinking wine & cooking dinners at home, but I couldn’t deny what my body was telling me. 

Since I only drank wine, it was obvious that I needed to remove it from my weekly habit.

I stopped and never looked back.

After moving to Bali in 2012, I took up meditation, while experiencing the spiritual magic of this Island.

That grew in me a love for all animals and a greater awareness plus a stronger connection with the divine.

I’ve also changed my view on eating:

Before it was mostly for pleasure. Now, I deeply understand FOOD & DRINK is our BEST MEDICINE and an investment in our mental & physical well being.

While in Bali, I’ve consulted and built relationships with some of the best restaurants.

I’ve collected over a hundred and fifty recipes catering to discerning tastes, working with dozens of vegan chefs from 60 of these best restaurants in Bali, the Vegan Heaven On Earth.

It is their secrets I am passing on to you in my new “Bali Vegan Book”.

Thank you for reading and ultimately supporting my mission to help others transition and stay a happy, healthy life-long vegan!

Love & Blessings,

PS. I’m now offering concierge vegan meal planning catered just for you! Scroll down! 

Tim helping others transition to a vegan lifestyle at his plant-based villa community in Bali, Indonesia

Garden Fresh
Villa Mantra Bali
Daily Yoga Class

Wait ... There's More!

 I’ve included FIVE BONUS GUIDE BOOKS that will be beneficial in helping you create your dream body & living your dream life! 

please accept these 4 FREE books and my ultimate whole-food shopping list

Shopping List Mock 2

bonus #1

Ultimate Whole Food Shopping List PDF

4 pages of printable whole-food, organic, non-GMO grocery checklist with 200+ items that are easy to find in your local grocery store, as well as meal tips & meal planning worksheet to kickstart your vegan journey.

Valued at $7.95 - Yours FREE.

Untitled design 8

bonus #2

Juicing For Vitality eBook

A complete guide to maximum health goodness and recipes. Discover the magic of juicing that’ll help you to lose weight, look younger, and learn how to flush out the gunk in your system that’s causing all kinds of illnesses and problem.

Valued at $21.95 - Yours FREE.

power of self discipline kit

bonus #3

Self-Discipline Mastery eBook

The essential skills to harness when making life changes – Learn about the 7 key techniques to get that fantastic life you have dreamed all your life for, to turn self-discipline into a habit and have sustainable outcome.

Valued at $17.95 - Yours FREE.

Breath Book Mock single

bonus #4

Hindu Yoga Breathing eBook

“Life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing – ‘Breath Is Life'”. This is a complete manual of the oriental breathing philosophy of physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual development.

Valued at $12.95 - Yours FREE.

image 7

bonus #5

The Self-Love Handbook eBook

It’s normal to feel insecure when making big lifestyle changes, especially when others don’t understand you. This comprehensive handbook + checklist will show you how to master your thoughts and emotions, the best self-love exercises and practical ways to build self-esteem.

Valued at $17.95 - Yours FREE.

Give Your Taste Buds a Treat with Bali Vegan Book

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Give Your Body & Soul a Lift with our FIVE Awesome Bonuses!

5 special bonuses

You get the complete Bali Vegan Book PLUS bonuses (worth $103.70) for ONLY $24.95 - That is less than dinner for two on your night out.

effortless transition

Making big life changes takes action! I want to help give you more tools needed to be successful in this life goal.

The best investment

After tasting the first recipe from our vegan cookbook, you will be happy with the decision to invest in the Vegan Cooking Bundle.

This Is What My Readers Are Saying…

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Bali Vegan Book Review
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Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

Total retail value



Never in my life have I been more strong than I am now after a decade of veganism.

Tim Tango
Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes

you get the complete Bali vegan cookbook ebook
Free bonus materials

bonus #1

200+ ultimate whole food shopping list PDF

bonus #2

juicing for vitality ebook

bonus #3

self-discipline mastery ebook

bonus #4

hindu yoga breathing ebook

bonus #5

the self-love handbook ebook

And if for any reason you are not satisfied, we have a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Amazing value without risk.

Total retail value



Frequently asked questions

Each eBook purchase allows 3 downloads – So you’ll be able to have a copy on your phone, tablet and computer!

We use ePub format, which is compatible to all devices including all Macs, PCs, iOS & Androids (except Amazon Kindle.)

For PC and Android users, please download apps / softwares before you open the file. Check here for recommendation.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie in the kitchen or new to veganism – One of our goals is to show you going vegan is uncomplicated! The recipes are easy to follow, and we also display measures in both metric and imperial systems.

No – Although we do have a few local flavored dishes and some may be Bali inspired, the taste of our dishes are international.

Yes! You should be able to find all ingredients in your local grocery stores. The ingredients can be easily substituted as well. Remember, cooking is an art, not a science. Be creative!

Bali Vegan Book

Here's the deal

p.s. in case you like to skip to the end (like me), here's the deal:

The Bali Vegan Book is a collection of 150+ secret vegan recipes, appealing to various kind of tastes and collected from professional vegan chefs from 60 of the best restaurants in Bali The Vegan Heaven On Earth!

plus five free bonuses:

Total retail value = $103.70

(save 76%) NOW $24.95

So why so cheap?

I wish to build your trust, I want to give more than expected, and I want to help you become a life long happy healthy vegan!

Who knows, maybe we will meet in Bali one day!


On Top Of The Book ...

Do You Want to Build a Lifetime of Healthy Habits, Give Your Body the Reset It Needs & Be Motivated Along the Way?

The Lavivavegan Meal Plan is personalised for you! After filling out a short questionnaire about your diet I will create a meal plan, a shopping list and recipes so you can easily make nutritious meals that taste great! Eating a whole-food plant-based diet will help reset your body. I’ll be available to help keep you motivated and to answer daily questions. 

How you eat influences so much of your life! From your energy levels, your immune system (ability to fight sickness and disease), how you feel when you wake up, the quality of your sleep and to how you feel about yourself. 

Remember not all vegans are healthy! Good vegan nutrition is so important and so easy to do once you understand the basics. Having a defined roadmap, nutritional guide, and support will supercharge your health journey to help you be the healthiest version of you.


A Great Start!
$ 24
  • 150+ Secret Recipes
  • 60 Restaurants & Chefs Collaborated
  • Easy To Make Recipes
  • Bali Vegan Food Guide
  • 200+ Wholefood Shopping List
  • Juicing For Vitality E-Book
  • Yogi Breathwork E-Book
  • Self-Love E-Book
  • Art of Discipline E-Book


5 Day Meal Plan + Book & Bonuses
$ 147
  • 150+ Secret Recipes
  • 60 Restaurants & Chefs Collaborated
  • Easy To Make Recipes
  • Bali Vegan Food Guide
  • 200+ Wholefood Shopping List
  • Juicing For Vitality E-Book
  • Yogi Breathwork E-Book
  • Self-Love E-Book
  • Art of Discipline E-Book
  • Personalised, custom 5 day plant-based meal plan based on your food preferences, weight goals And allergies
  • Grocery Item Shopping list
  • Nutritional Information For Each Recipe So You Don't Have to Count Calories
  • 1x Daily Email Support


14 Day Meal Plan + Book & Bonuses
$ 297
  • 150+ Secret Recipes
  • 60 Restaurants & Chefs Collaborated
  • Easy To Make Recipes
  • Bali Vegan Food Guide
  • 200+ Wholefood Shopping List
  • Juicing For Vitality E-Book
  • Yogi Breathwork E-Book
  • Self-Love E-Book
  • Art of Discipline E-Book
  • Personalised, custom 14 day plant-based meal plan based on your food preferences, weight goals, allergies and health goals
  • Grocery Item Shopping list
  • Nutritional Information For Each Recipe So You Don't Have To Count Calories
  • 2 x Daily Email, WhatsApp Text or Video Messaging With Tim For Support, Questions or Inspiration


Bali Vegan Book Vegan Recipes
money back guarantee
14-day money back guarantee

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