We really appreciate your passion and willingness to help contribute to the vegan movement and make a difference! We are sure that with your help, we will be able to improve and create a more sustainable future for all lives and our planet.

Important notes

Comission & Payments

Commission is set at 25% for all items include physical products and 35% for digital products of the selling price (after discount) per completed order that is not canceled. All earnings will  be reflected on your account dashboard. All links from your domain resulting in a sale (within 30 days) will be counted as your referral traffic.

Once you hit the requisite amount of US$70, you can apply for withdrawal through the affiliate dashboard. Payment will be through Paypal or directly to your local bank account. This will take 3-10 days to process.

For more details, please refer to Affiliate Terms & Conditions

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other questions

Simply contact your Affiliate Manager, Joanne (info@lavivavegan.com) for any other help you might need.