25 Vegan Dessert Recipes + Eggs & Dairy Free Baking Guide

25 Vegan Dessert Recipes + Eggs & Dairy Free Baking Guide

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This is a great addition for those who got a sweet-tooth and would love to learn how to make delicious cake and sweets with easy plant-based replacements.

The guide provides you knowledge of:

  • WHY it’s healthier to go dairy free and egg free.
  • The basics on WHAT ingredients you can use to substitute egg and dairy.
  • HOW to use them to create guilt-free desserts!
  • How to TURN any dessert recipe into a delicious vegan treat!
  • 25 awesome vegan dessert recipes for you to try it out.



You just began your vegan journey – You love baking, and you LOVE desserts! BUT you only know how to bake with eggs and dairy, and you don’t know how baking without eggs and dairy even works! Well, we have some good news for you – EGGS & DAIRY FREE BAKING is actually EASIER than you think, and it comes with many benefits …!

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Benefits of Eggs & Dairy Free Baking

Everyone can eat it (basically)

Yes! Doesn’t matter you are omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, everyone can enjoy baked goods without eggs and dairy! It’s estimated that 65% of people in the world are lactose intolerant to some degree. (Unless they are allergic to gluten … then also check out our Gluten Free Lifestyle Guide (eBook)!


It’s HEALTHIER for you!

When we eat foods that are high in animal protein (milk included), our bodies become acidic and calcium is drawn from our bones to neutralize that acidic environment – cheese is particularly acidic. Ditching dairy (and meat) will help maintaining a more alkaline state in your body.


Vegan desserts usually have more FIBER

Vegan desserts are literally Made From Nature. This means they include nuts and dates, which provide a substantial amount of fiber. Increasing fiber in your diet keeps you full, while also aiding in weight loss.


Help STOP Animal Farming & END animal cruelty

By cutting out eggs and dairy from your diet, you help save lives. The less people purchasing animal products, the faster we release animals from living in confinement, getting separated from their mothers, and being injected with hormones for reproduction.


Reduce your environmental impact on the planet

The new research shows that without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, European Union and Australia combined – and still feed the world.


25 Dairy Free, Eggs Free Vegan Dessert Recipes to impress and indulge!

Going vegan means endless possibilities! Making dairy free and eggs free vegan desserts is actually EASIER and less effort. You no longer need to worry about eggs or milk going bad …!

Also, vegan desserts typically contain no processed ingredients, and that means no refined sugar.


 Healthy ways to nourish yourself do NOT mean depriving yourself of enjoyable eating experiences

The BEST dairy free & eggs free vegan desserts rely on QUALITY INGREDIENTS for their delicious results. High quality, natural ingredients are favored for making the most of their nutritional potential.


The PERFECT GIFT for yourself, your friends, and family

Whether you are new to baking or know someone who’d like to learn more about making eggs free, dairy free vegan desserts, this is the ideal entry level book – NOT only it gives you the foundational knowledge about vegan baking, it also provides you 25 EASY TO FOLLOW vegan dessert recipes that you can get your hands on IMMEDIATELY!


Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world

When we consciously choose what we store in our pantry and what we put into our bodies, we are CREATING the world we experience. Therefore, WHY NOT create a world that has MORE compassion and love? WHY NOT do the least harm possible?


You don’t need to wait for leaders, big companies or governments to make the change … BE the leader and BE the change today … with just $6.95.