Bali Vegan Cookbook (eBook) + Bonus Package

Bali Vegan Cookbook (eBook) + Bonus Package

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150+ chef level secret dishes, easy-to-follow recipes

“Bali Is That Perfect Vegan Destination That You’ve Always Dreamed Of.” –

We collected 150+ secret recipes with international flavors that are prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 of the best restaurants in Bali.

Whether it’s Smoothies & Juices, Breakfast, Small Plates, Entrées & Desserts, the recipes are easy to follow and are unique – something you’ve never seen in other vegan cookbooks.

  • Non-processed, whole food ingredients only
  • Nutritional benefits of each ingredients & vegan inspirational quotes
  • A great gift and inspiration whether you or your loved ones are new to vegan living or have been vegan for a while.


150+ recipes prepared by professional vegan chefs from 60 Restaurants in Bali to give you a gastronomical vegan journey.

  • International flavors from simple to fancy
  • Easy-to-follow recipes with stunning photos with every dish, as well as Bali landscapes
  • 200 Pages of Plant-Based Inspiration & Nutritional Benefits
  • Ingredients are easy to find wherever you are and can be easily substituted as well. However, remember, love is the most important ingredient.
  • Quantities are estimates, playing with them is fun and encouraged.

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Bali Temple Bracelet

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The bracelet, known as Tridatu, has 3 colors. The red symbolizes creativity and bravery, black is power and protection and white for spirituality and goodness. We have the Bali Temple Bracelet hand-made & take them to be blessed by a Balinese healer which endows the recipient with love, courage, strength and abundance. Temple Bracelets are worn by almost every Balinese on the island. Moreover, Tridatu also reminds us that life is not just one color but many colors. It is made sacred by blessing it with purified holy water.