Divine You: A 7 Week Self-Paced Online Course Through The Chakras

Divine You: A 7 Week Self-Paced Online Course Through The Chakras

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As women, we are powerful portals of creation, inspiration and devotion. It’s time to embody our Divine Feminine essence and create the reality we know inside our hearts, out into the world. Radiating our highest frequency is the deepest act of self-love and soul mission I know.

Join Layla Aluna and a global sisterhood of Divine Women in this 7 week self-paced online course through the chakras – lovingly created to support you to embody the Golden Age within yourself, your immediate loved ones and your wider community. This course includes transformative activations, meditations and embodiment practices that are designed to shift and elevate your energy in the most potent way. Some examples of what we do includes connecting with our Shakti fountain, Womb activations, Ecstatic dance, Orgasmic breath work, Sound alchemy, Reconnecting with your Soul Star and Stepping into your Queendom.


Divine You, Divine Goddess, it’s time to Truly Embody the Golden Age Within Us & Manifest Our Dream Reality From This Space

Your purity is important. 

Your self-love & self-care are necessary.

Your devotion to the Divine Feminine rising is your service.


With so much fear mongering propaganda and power wars streaming into our subconscious through the media, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our Higher Selves & each other. It might seem dark at this point, but the real breakthrough is when we realize the immense empowerment we’re moving through during this Great Awakening.

As illusions crumble and fall away, we’re realizing our full power of Truth and Love.

But most importantly, there has never been so many of us fully embodying our Soul Mission from this realized space.

As we radiate our highest frequency on this planet – we truly transform the world around us.

Every little thing we do matters, Goddess. Every loving thought. Every prayer for peace. Every act of kindness.

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In this 7 week self-paced online course for women, Layla Aluna shares her most transformative activations, meditations and embodiment practices with you to shift and elevate your energy in the most potent way. You also receive access to the Divine You Sisterhood – a private FB group where she will share monthly, and connect and journey with all the other Goddesses in the container.

It’s time to claim our Divinity
& shine brightly as we share our soul & love

Layla truly wishes to see blissful, radiant and empowered women who are embodied in their orgasmic/ecstatic nature, living and creating from the overflow of light energy, inspiration and devotion

“We’re all beauty-full and full of magick. I want to see each of you claim all of yourself fully. Let’s not compare or compete with each other but rather support, inspire and celebrate each other.”

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Layla’s Prayer is this Labour of Love Will Support You to:

Liberate your voice
Raise your frequency
Discover your power
Open fully into your sensuality
Connect with your inner wisdom and intuition
Amplify your life force and become the Goddess that you are
Fully live in alignment, embodying the Divine Feminine essence
Create your dream life from that sacred place of Love and Service, connected to your Higher Self and Spirit

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The Modules

divine you root


Gaia Sophia Grid Activation
Letting go of Limiting Beliefs
Earth Connection, Shakti Foundation


divine you womb


Lemurian Coded Womb Activation
Cyclical Essence of Women
Sensual and Sexual Expansion
Daoist Massage Tools


divine you solar plexus


Cellular Activation
Ecstatic Expression
Abundance Codes


divine you heart


Creatrix Activation
Magnetic Cosmic Heart
Orgasmic Breath
Metta Meditation


divine you crown


Vocal Activation
Word Magic
Letting Go of the Victim Role
Sound & Breath Kriya
Sound Alchemy, Song of Your Soul


divine you 3rd eye


Krystaline DNA Activation
Kundalini Sequence
Goddess Intuition
Reconnection to Your Soul Star


divine you crown


Sovereign Divinity Activation
Stepping Into Your Queendom
Creating Your Dream Reality, Goddess Way

About Layla Aluna

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Layla Aluna is an embodied Priestess of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.

Her offerings allow you to witness yourself more fully and lovingly with radical self-acceptance and surrender to your true Divine Essence.

She works mainly through three gateways to enter expanded consciousness: movement, sound and breath.

She is a qualified Breath of Bliss facilitator, Yoga teacher, and Energy Healer.

She has activated her Lemurian remembrance throughout pregnancy and birth of her StarChild and is offering Womb Activations as well as in-person Sacred Container Mentorship.


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Layla, the Divine Feminine you are transmitting is truly being felt. The planet needs our tender love, care and loving awareness – now more than ever before. It’s wonderful to be tuning in with you all, and feel the connection of the Divine Mother, Gaia.” – Celeste Elizabeth


“This course has been incredibly nurturing and supportive for me. I plan to go back through all the modules again – this time more slowly. Thank you for all the love held in this container of sisterhood which is what my soul sings to. Thank you, Layla, for your shining example of what is possible in this lifetime. I bow to you all.” – Christine


“Wow so much has shifted! I’m feeling more alive and confident than ever before. I quit my job and am now thriving because I am no longer wasting my time in a toxic environment. You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful course and presence – my heart is filled with so much love and gratitude. Through the practices in the course, I was able to let go fully and feel my body move in so many wild and natural ways. The visions and messages received were so powerful. I am tapping into my highest and brightest self, to Spirit and to everyone in this magical sister circle from all around the world – so powerful. – Hannah Lalune


“I am absolutely loving this experience so far. Deeply nourishing and beautiful to drop in and receive your wisdom and offerings with each module. I am feeling so inspired and uplifted.” – Nina Wosar, Transformational Ceremonialist


“I want to send my gratitude to the lovely, Layla, for creating this course. Thank you, Devi, for sharing your heart, wisdom and teachings.” – Jessica Lakshmi, Dancer & Artist


“I am really grateful for all these activations. I feel like I am discovering the Divine Goddess within me, and She is showing up more present in my life. I’ve been doing the ecstatic dance practice almost everyday, I LOVE it!” – Serena Mann, Astrologer


“Layla, I feel like especially after giving birth you’ve truly activated your divine goddess essence. You radiate it though-out all your sharings. Simply amazing. And such a gift to be touched by it through this course. thank you thank you thank you.” – Tatyana Mateva, Marketing Consultant